Day Two of MRC UK

Armen applying "Secret Sauce" to dye bleed. With Craig Bale very happy with the dye bleed removal from his Nain.

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The Textile Museum Officially Opened to the Public

At George Washington University, The Textile Museum officially opened to the public on Saturday, March 21. The Textile Museum was established in 1925 by collector and connoisseur George Hewitt Myers to expand public knowledge and appreciation—locally, nationally, and internationally—of the artistic merits and cultural importance of the world's textiles through scholarship, exhibitions, and educational programs.

Today, its collections of more than 19,000 textiles and related objects represent five millennia and six continents, including cultures from the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and the indigenous peoples of the Americas. The 20,000-volume Arthur D. Jenkins Library of Textile Arts is one of the world’s foremost resources for the study of textiles.

If ever in Washington, DC, be sure to visit.

The Master Rug Cleaner Certification Program is coming to Australia!

MRC in Aust

The Master Rug Cleaner Certification program is going to Australia! This is the first time this program will run in the Melbourne region and will allow you to gain that next level of education that will assist your business in standing out! There are currently two Certified Master Rug Cleaners in Australia, who have both gained a huge amount from the knowledge they received in the program. Jena Dyco is thrilled to be invited to participate in promoting and facilitating the program for the Australian market. Click here to read more!

Master Rug Cleaner, Part 1 Course!


Master Rug Cleaner
Next Date: Thursday, March 19, 2015

Place: Oriental Rug Cleaning Co. Dallas  |  City: Dallas, United States


Learn from two of the true acknowledged experts in the industry - Ellen Amirkhan and Aaron Groseclose

The Master Rug Cleaner Program is an all-encompassing year of education and mentoring centering around 2 three-day sessions of intensive training on everything you need to successfully start and operate your rug cleaning business. Whether you consider yourself a beginner or an experienced operator, you’ll feel you are a Master after participating in  our program. 

  • Three days of train­ing at The Cas­bah in Dal­las, Texas 

  • Six months later, three days ad­vanced train­ing at The Cas­bah

  • Fo­cused train­ing on rug iden­ti­fic­a­tion: product know­ledge is your best mar­ket­ing tool

  • Pre-clean­ing in­spec­tion with hands-on prac­ticum

  • Ma­chine, hand-woven and hand-knot­ted con­struc­tion

  • Hands-on dust­ing meth­ods

  • Hands-on clean­ing meth­ods

  • Silk rug clean­ing

  • Urine de­con­tam­in­a­tion

  • Fringe treat­ments



We had a great time in Las Vegas at the ICE Show

Next event is the ARCS Convention in New Orleans March 4th. See you there.

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Introduction to Navajo Rug Restoration


navajo-rug-repairThis 3 day class is designed for persons with established basic or intermediate knowledge of oriental rug repair or Navajo rug repair. Teaching is hands-on with Navajo rugs to learn and practice techniques.




  • A comprehensive review of Navajo weaving technology and structures
  • Basic spinning and materials preparation.  Students learn to spin materials with a drop spindle.
  • Repair and replacement of side and end selvages
  • Re-warping and basic re-weaving of holes
  • Corner finishes
  • Re-tensioning of selvage cords
  • Blocking to rectify shape


Chi Chi Rugs

Did you know?? In Chi Chi rugs, the border assumes a much greater importance than the field. The border is composed of a central band enclosed by a series of narrow guards on both sides. The motif used in the central band is found solely in these rugs. The motif used is a kind of hexagon with four short sides that are placed at regular intervals. The space between these is filled with a rosette made up of a star like arrangement of tiny geometric shapes. The field of Chi Chi rugs is decorated with lines of alternating diamonds and octagons which cover the entire area. The complex pattern of Chi Chi rugs is heightened by a particularly well-balanced color scheme.


Playing Dress-up While We Were in Turkey


Decorating With Area Rugs


Helpful visual tip! In large rooms, rugs should fit the configuration of the room and furniture. If a 15 x 20 foot living room, for example, is arranged in one large conversation area, you should look for a rug to cover and frame that entire area, big enough so that at least the front third of the furniture sits on the rug.


Two international events are coming in 2015

Part II of the MRC UK will be back in Wales 13-15 May. We have 2 seats left for returning MRC alumni who want to brush up on their rug ID skills.

The next event is MRC Australia 20-22 April in Melbourne. This is the first time MRC will be in Australia. Part I of the course will be after The Rug Cleaning Conference in Melbourne.

Registration forms are on our Master Rug Cleaner web site.


Advanced Rug ID Boot Camp

Sign up today for the Advanced Rug ID Boot Camp happening January 23, 2015. In this course you will learn a road map to identification, technical analysis and rug construction. Visit this link for more information and how to get tickets!

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Weaving a hand-knotted rug in Turkey!

These wonderful ladies are masters of their craft, producing the most beautiful rugs in the world.


The Tale of Two Cities - London and Dallas

The Brothers Gonnella came to Dallas from London for the MRC class. Nice boys. They came with Wellies on steroids. Then they started wearing Texan hats.

Next was guns . . . where did we go wrong?

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Advanced Rug Identification Boot Camp on January 23rd

It is never too early to start thinking about our next course ‘Advanced Rug Identification Boot Camp’ happening January 23rd. In this course you will learn rug construction and being able to recognize and become familiar with different types of construction. Click here to learn more!

Master Rug Cleaner

When buying a rug remember:


Rug making has not changed too much over the centuries. Artisans in the Near and Far East still create rugs by hand using the techniques their ancestors did. Even machine made rugs follow the same methods.


The Class of 2014 - Certified Master Rug Cleaners.

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Master Rug Cleaner Part 2

Day one of Master Rug Cleaner Part II.
A great group of rug cleaners from around the world.

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Intermediate Rug Repair Course

November 4th! This class is for the more experienced rug repair technician looking to take their skills to the next level. The techniques taught are the foundation skills needed to go beyond repair and become an oriental rug restorer. Call us today at (443) 562-5714 or click here for more details

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Introduction to Rug Repair

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February 8-10, 2017, in Denver, CO

Basic repair technique for those with only the most basic familiarity with oriental rugs and structure.  These fundamental, day-to-day skills can be sold readily to a broad base of retail and wholesale customers.

  • End sewing and securing
  • Hand sewing of machine-made fringes
  • Selvage wrapping and repair
  • Correcting side curling
  • Closing cuts and tears
  • Cutting and finishing electrical cord holes in rugs
  • Velcro® hanging systems
  • Painting
  • Patching
  • Adhesive support patches


Rug Lingo

Here is a cheat sheet that will help you learn the rug lingo.

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