IICRC Rug Cleaning Tech 11-2018

November 7-9, 2018

Location: Sun-Belt USA
4211 Atlantic Ave, Raleigh, NC 27604

This Comprehensive 3-Day Class Will Cover:

  • Construction of oriental rugs - learn how rugs are made
  • Identification of Rugs - you will learn the basics of rug types to help in the cleaning process
  • Pre-Cleaning Inspection - the most important step is what happens before cleaning begins
  • How To Set-Up a Mini Plant - learn how to turn a limited space into a rug plant and do hands-on cleaning
  • Urine Decontamination - how to fix the animal “accidents”
  • Fringe Cleaning and Dye Bleed Correction - you will see how to correct the two most time-consuming rug problems 

The RCT Course is limited to the first 25 registrants

Note:  To take the Rug Cleaning Technician exam, IICRC requires the student to have taken CCT or UFT.  You may attend the class without the prerequisite but you will not be allowed to take the RCT exam.

Those attending this course and who meet the prerequisite, qualify to take the RCT Certification Exam or qualify for 2 of Continuing Education Credits through the IICRC. Please note that there is an additional fee of $65.00 per person for the IICRC test which is payable directly to the IICRC. 

Sign Up Now Only $395.00 per person.  Don’t Delay!

800 334-8418 ask for Rodney to register